emulsion stability dispersion suspension analyzer

Why not measure stability directly? Why not measure it instantaneously across your whole sample from top to bottom? Why limit yourself to one unknown point?
Why not get the whole picture?

The LUMiFuge is the only stability analyzer that allows you to measure stability directly. Yes.
Across your whole sample. Yes.
Instantaneously. Yes. Undiluted. Yes.
At last, a real solution for real world problems.

The LUMiFuge came about because we were frustrated with the limitations placed on us by all the available technologies. Traditional stability measuring tools are indirect and complicated measurements. In addition, most of them require extreme dilution and only measure stability at one unknown point. We wanted a better method

Welcome to the LUMiFuge. A simple and accurate way to measure emulsion and dispersion stability directly. Measure stability as is, no dilution required. Optimize your formulation. Reduce new product development time. Make the production process more efficient. Predict shelf life correctly.

Finally, the future has arrived.

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Analyze your whole sample directly and instantaneously from top to bottom . Because anything else just gives you part of the picture.

Think about it. Why would you do it any other way? Why limit yourself to one unknown point?

Why, when you can have all this?

With the STEP Technology based LUMiFugeyou can look at your whole sample instantaneously and directly.

Welcome to the next step in emulsion stability, suspension stability, and disperison stability analysis.


High viscosity, low viscosity, high concentration, low concentration, simple, complex. It does not matter. Analyze all and do so up to 8 samples at a time and under a wide range of temperatures. The fact that you are looking at your whole sample instantaneously, from top to bottom, means you never have to worry about missing anything. Measure the correct state of your emulsion and dispersion stability.

If we made emulsion and dispersion stability analysis any easier or more accurate, our competition would change from screaming "foul" to "bloody murder." Yes, it really is as simple as 1 2 3.


Save time. Are you also suffering from the "not enough time in the day" syndrome? While we cannot promise you that the LUMiSizer will solve all your ills, it will allow you to do more in the time you have. Run up to 8 samples at a time. Measure stability directly. Characterize your dispersion and emulsion for any aspect important to you. Reduce the amount of time it takes you to predict physical shelf life by up to 99%. Automatically get results, numbers, and data you can actaully use. Do more in less time.


Measure stability directly.


If given the option, which path would you choose?

Great. So would we.

This is what the LUMiFuge is all about. To allow you to measure stability directly. So you can go quickest from point Start to Goal.

Of course, there are many ways to measure stability. You can measure viscosity, zeta potential, and a myriad of other parameters, then combine them all on paper and (guess)estimate the stability of your emulsion, supsension, or dispersion.

But why? Why make life complicated? Why make things so inaccurate? Why not just measure stability directly in one single step? Why not make stability analysis simple and accurate?

Here comes the LUMiFuge to the rescue. Yes, it really will make your stability analysis better and easier. Guaranteed.

Shelf Life Prediction

There are many methods for emulsions & suspension stability and shelf life testing.

And while change is always hard, why not try a new and better way.

It is true. Despite what you may have heard from some (one) naysayer(s), you really can predict and calculate the physical shelf life stability of products. And it is not just because of our positive outlook on things. The ISO, the authority in the field of dispersion stability analysis and characterization, has independently verified that you can accelerate shelf life prediction accurately with the LUMiFuge based STEP Technology.

Verified and certified. A seal of approval from the leading scientists and industry experts from all over the world. Here is to the nay-Sayers (who by the way also signed off on this document).

Because in the end science does trump hearsay and marketing, always.

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