Analytical Services

If you need to know more about the physical properties of your emulsion, suspension, dispersion based product, then you have come to the right place.

We only use and invest in the latest and most advanced technology, employed by expert scientists. And we only use the correct analytical methods and technology for an application.

Our fully equipped laboratory can perform everything from basic particle size measurements, simple emulsion shelf life prediction, to complex multi-modal type analysis, emulsion stability, dispersion characterizations, oil water, water oil, general phase separation optimization, sludge dewatering, filtration cake analysis, zeta potential, density, viscosity, to more complex shelf-life determination.

We can also provide you with material characterizations such as adhesion, cohesion measurements, and surface free energy determination of interfaces.

Should we not have the right tools to help you, we will let you know, and tell what other organization might be able to serve you better.

Consultant Services

We are privileged to have helped a lot of companies, large and small, solve some of their product development and quality problems. If you are struggling with existing formulations, or want to create a new one, we can help.

Many of the products you use every day have a little bit of our consulting DNA in them.

So why struggle when we can give you the answers right here?

Why Us?

There are many good analytical labs out there. So what makes us different?

As you know, a number by itself is just a number, but a number that comes with an explanation is so much more useful.

Your samples will only be analyzed by accredited Ph.D. scientists with many years of experience in industry, research, development, and academia.

It ensures you will get expert advice and recommendations.

Real-world answers you can use.

Educational Services

If you want to learn more about the science of emulsions, suspensions, dispersions, and interface science we hold workshops and seminars here onsite.

These are hands-on courses that put science first. Period. Working know-how that you can use the first day back on the job. Knowledge and information that will advance your goals.

We guarantee it.

Where the only analytical methods & practices that count,
are the ones based on real & proven science