particle size emulsion stability dispersion suspension analyzer

Measure stability directly across your whole sample from top to bottom instantaneously.

The LUMiReader X-Ray allows you to characterize high concentration dispersions for stability as well as sediment consolidation properties.

With the LUMiReader X-Ray you can understand and characterize emulsion, suspensions, and microemulsions with extremely high dispersed solids/droplets phase volume. Measure dispersion stability, settling, creaming, separation rates, concentrations, phase volumes, and compositions. You can also look at the concentration gradients in your emulsion, suspension, microemulsions,creaming and sediment layers.

No more dilutions, no more guesswork, no more unexpected surprises. Analyze and understand your sample as is, no matter how opaque or concentrated your formulation is.

Measure, analyze, understand: particle size, mono modal, polydisperse, multimodal particle size distributions, sedimentation velocity distributions, creaming velocity distributions, emulsion stability, suspension stability, particle size, emulsion particle size, suspension particle size, predicting emulsion shelf life, predicting suspension shelf life, flocculation, aggregation, coalescence, syneresis, phase separation, demulsification, emulsification, quality control, product optimization, and other areas for research and development.


Do you ever wish you could peek inside your formulation?

For all those instances where you need to understand opaque dispersions, emulsions, or clear microemulsions, where dilution is impossible or has unknown side-effects and consequences, for all those instances there is a solution now.

The LUMiReader X-Ray was designed with one goal in mind: to allow you to analyze and understand concentrated and totally opaque emulsions and suspensions. How concentrated? As high as you want to go. As opaque as you want it to be. Top to bottom, instantaneously. Yes. Really.


What do we mean when we say direct?

The Unabridged Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines direct as

di·rect - adjective: from point to point without deviation : by the short or shortest way
“Direct.” Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged. 2014.. Web. 05 Mar. 2014. .

You can characterize your concentrated emulsions and suspensions, directly. No dilution, no material constants needed, no black-box, no algorithms, no nothing.

Just measure your dispersion properties directly. Measure stability, concentration gradients, phase boundaries, and sediment layer compositions. No need to dilute or change your sample in any way. It is that simple.


Analyze your sample as is. As simple as 1-2-3. Create an SOP, fill your sample into a disposable cuvette, place it in the instrument, press START, and then sit back and relax. No worries about missing anything, all the answers right there in front of you. There is beauty in simplicity.


You are now free to correctly analyze concentrated and opaque emulsions, suspensions, and dispersions.

As with all our other dispersion analyzers, the LUMiReader X-Ray employs the STEP Technology. Only this time with X-Ray vision. So you can analyze concentrated samples in ways that were impossible to do so up to now. From top to bottom, instantaneously.

Empowering You

With the LUMiReader X-Ray you can measure

stability | creaming | sedimentation | shelf life prediction | coagulation | coalescence | flocculation | aggregation | syneresis | particle size distribution | creaming rate distributions| sedimentation rate distributions | sediment consolidation| sediment packing | sediment resuspendability | shelf life calculation | micro emulsions