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The particle size analyzer made for the micron and above particle size range

The LUMiReader allows you to correctly measure complex particle size distributions in the micron size range, without having to know the refractive index.

For the first time ever, you can measure particle size correctly without having to know the refractive index. For those who have ever worked with laser diffraction-based particle sizing techniques know this is a big thing. For those who have not, well, just ask around. It really is. Alternatively, if you know your particle size from TEM, SEM, or optical microscopy measurements, you can obtain the refractive index for your dispersed particles.Taking the guesswork out of particle sizing in the micron range and higher.

You can also accelerate any emulsion or suspension separation such as creaming or sedimentation up to 12x using the patented Boycott effect. All at 1xg.

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Rolling the dice

Due to the difficulty of always knowing the exact refractive index of your material, most people resort to the Fraunhofer diffraction theory to obtain their particle size. For multimodal or broad particle size distributions this can be problematic.

Analyze your size distribution correctly with the LUMiReader-MultiWaveLength.

For accurate results laser diffraction based instruments require you to know the exact refractive index. No easy task for dispersed anisotropic particles.

This is where the LUMiReader MW can help you. Its one of a kind multiwavelength technology allows you to measure particle size without knowing the refractive index.


Can your particle size analyzer do this?

With the LUMiReader you can rest assured that if you have a broad or complex particle size distribution you will get an accurate result. Easily resolve multimodal particle size distributions. Simplicity and accuracy you can rely on.


Would you consider this action magic?

Can you really do this?

Yes, the LUMiReader can accelerate phase separation by a factor of up to 12 times, while always remaining at 1xg. Yes, it is true.

And while we would love to tell you it is magic, it really is a patented technology based on the Boycott effect.

Do more in less time.


Going places the naked eye never could.

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