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Are you looking to improve the way you analyze and understand your emulsions, suspensions, and dispersions?
Want to measure emulsion & dispersion stability directly?
Instantaneously across your whole sample?
Resolve multi-modal and real world particle size distributions correctly?
Analyze high concentration emulsions and suspensions as is?
Need to accelerate shelf life predictions?
Measure adhesion properties quickly and accurately?
Do you want to accomplish more in less time?

Welcome!   LUM (pronounced loom as in illuminate) makes instruments allowing you to measure particle size and stability of emulsions and suspensions directly. Characterize dispersions, emulsions, suspensions and material adhesion + cohesion properties in a whole new way. Yes, really. Come see for yourself how we can help you do whatever you do, faster, simpler, and with higher accuracy.

Dispersions, Emulsions, Suspensions: With the STEP Technology™ based LUMiSeries of instruments you can analyze your emulsion, suspension, dispersion instantaneously across the entire sample. Measure particle size, stability, shelf-life, and all colloidal stability and instability phenomena directly. High concentration, low concentration, high viscosity, low viscosity, high temperature, low temperature, nano particles, micron particles. The choice is yours. Understand what, if, how, why, and when.

Materials - Adhesion, Cohesion: The revolutionary LUMiFrac adhesion measuring technology (CATT) ensures accurate, fast, and repeatable adhesion measurements and data. Do more with less.

We invite you to look at the solutions we provide for yourself. See why so many leaders from all walks of industry have chosen us as one of their partners in dispersion characterization and adhesion analysis. You never know, we may just be your competitions best kept secret.

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The Whole Picture

We have all been there. We spend a lot of time and effort designing and creating a dispersion, emulsion, suspension based product. The physico-chemical stability analysis looks good and we give the all clear. Off to production it goes.

Everyone is happy. The boss is thrilled, the marketing department is working overtime, the sales team is sending you flowers. Everyone is waiting for the phones to ring off the hook with new orders, and dreaming of the next weel deserved dream vacation. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months pass and you suddenly get a message out of the clear blue informing you the formulation has fallen apart. Everything comes to a screeching halt. Puzzled, dazed, and confused, you ask yourself: how can this be?

Have you ever heard of the old story about the blind men and the elephant? In case you have not, the essence of the story is this: unless you see the whole picture, you may reach an incorrect conclusion.

Traditional analytical techniques only allow you to look at one unknown point in your sample. For simple products this may work, but for complicated emulsions and suspensions it may lead to the well-known "the blind men and the elephant analysis" syndrome.

This is why we invented the STEP Technology™. It is the only technology that allows you to look at and analyze your whole sample instantaneously from top to bottom. So you can analyze and understand every aspect of your dispersion, emulsion, or suspension. So you will never miss anything. So you can be confident in your results.

STEP Technology™ - giving you the complete picture


The Unabridged Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines direct as

di·rect - adjective: from point to point without deviation : by the short or shortest way
“Direct.” Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged. 2014.. Web. 05 Mar. 2014.

With the STEP Technology™ based instruments you can measure and analyze every stability & instability process directly without knowing anything about the sample. In addition you can measure shelf life directly and accurately.

No need for refractive index, density, viscosity, concentration, dielectric constants, surface tensions, interfacial tensions, etc, nothing. Just place your sample in the instrument and analyze its stability directly.

In the field of emulsion, suspension, dispersion stability analysis and shelf life prediction it does not get anymore direct than this (after all, it is pretty hard to beat a straight line between two points).

Knowledge is Power

Dispersions are beautiful but often complex systems with many different paths leading towards stability or instability. Why not have the ability to measure and understand them all?

With the STEP Technology™ you can easily, accurately, quickly measure, and quantify any and all dispersion stability or instability phenomena. Be it a change in the particle size distribution, an increase in the creaming rate of your emulsion, or your suspension flocculating. It will give you the true state of your dispersion.

After all, you want more than just numbers. You want answers so you to optimize your emulsion or suspension, as well as prevent and eliminate product performance and quality issues before they occur.

By looking and analyzing your whole sample instantaneously from top to bottom, complex problems suddenly become simple.


Who? LUM is a small family owned company focused on advancing the science of dispersion and adhesion analysis.

Why? We love science (unlike marketing or sales). Pure and simple.

What? We make the LUMiSizerLUMiFugeLUMiReader MWLUMiReader X-Ray, and the LUMiFrac. In addition we offer educational seminars, consulting and analytical services.

How? Part 1. We do this by working hard to develop new technological platforms allowing you to do to whatever you do more efficiently and accurately.

How? Part 2. When you invest in one the solutions we provide, you get more than just a technological platform. You get our whole team with years of experience across a wide range of fields to help and support you. And that is no bull.

After all, a company, product, and technology is only as good as the people who stand behind it.

Thank you for your time and happy surfing no matter where it takes you.

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